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  • To protect your duvets, sheets against dust mite infestation for 6 months


    We can make your white color brighter

    Pick Up & Delivery

    We can reach you in time to take care of your fabrics & deliver it on time using new method to not lose your piece.

    Finishing Treatment & Starching

    To improve fabrics shape, the “freshly ironed” effect lasts longer and textile fibres are protected & it creates a protective laye to prevent stains from becoming embedded while reviving the colours of the item

    Maxima Service

    To protect all your delicate items with accessories (wedding dresses & silk blouses ….) making them brand new


    We help you to protect your fabrics from moths to store them long time


Price General
15 L.E Shirt
16.5 L.E Folded Shirt
15 L.E T. Shirt
27 L.E Trouser
44 L.E Jacket
70 L.E Wool Jacket
65 L.E Suit
66 L.E Coat
40 L.E Pullover
27 L.E Sweat Shirt
35 L.E Sweat Shirt Double
45 L.E Sweater
20 L.E Tie
20 L.E Short
25 L.E Bermuda Short


Price Ladies
90 L.E Dress
175 L.E Evening Dress
395 L.E Wedding Dress
27 L.E Skirt
25 L.E Blouse
55 L.E Abaya
25 L.E Scarf
45 L.E Shawl
40 L.E Tonic


Price Kids
50% L.E Kids Cloth Discount


Price Home
10 L.E Curtain
15 L.E Curtain Double
75 L.E Large Blanket
60 L.E Small Blanket
25 L.E Large Bed Sheet
20 L.E Small Bed Sheet
75 L.E Big Duvet
60 L.E Small Duvet
35 L.E Mattress Cover
10 L.E Pillow Cover

عن سانك أسك

About 5asec

5asec one of the main international companies specialized in Dry Cleaning services, Established up 40 years ago in France. In 1900 branches around the world.
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